In his own words, "There are boundaries which many of us including myself are careful not to breach. Most of us no matter how adventurous we like to be are uncomfortable with change. I long for perfection, to draw the perfect circle but am l uncomfortable when venturing into uncharted surroundings".

He has forced himself from what is comfortable by exploring new elements using various mediums on polystyrene and wood. Bφner's creations range in size and style to highlight and accent any environment. His works are the product of hours late into the night to the first streams of day light.

It is his desire that through his hands he will stir the imagination and invigorate the human spirit to venture and experience what lies outside our horizons. Our human sense of sight reflects a vast ocean and Bφner has taken to the task of exploring these depths for himself and those who desire the same.

© Nigel March 2016